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Rachel Campbell-Johnston, writing in the The Times, July 12th 2003

Jocelyn Clarke is the latest artist to benefit from the Jerwood Foundation's recent initiative to showcase the work of up-and-coming artists at a pivotal point of importance in their work. Her small paintings are muted and subtle and strange. They seem to stare at their ambiguous subjects with a focused intensity which, in the end, makes the vision turn blurry. Minute brush strokes mesh together to weave a world as it might be seen through net. They conjure the effect of something mysterious, only half-seen. Clarke may be a painter, but she plays with the possibilities of photography and film. Her canvases could almost be light sensitive images of the negative transparency.
Intro to Jocelyn Clarke's show at Jerwood Space

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For more information about Jocelyn Clarke's work, contact Long & Ryle Gallery, London

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