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Sacha Craddock Around the Galleries The Times 1994

Crosshatch drawing across a canvas surface makes for a vaguely incongruous printed quality. Jocelyn Clarke really does draw and paint at the same time, to create the sensation and atmosphere of 'early Modern' formalist discovery. She painstakingly feels her way across the surface skin in order to describe the already obscured surface of an object. The colour is minimal, barely significant, and gets dense only where there is a build-up of descriptive lines. Two and three dimensions melt in and out of each other. The effect, though firmly and delicately bound to its formal premise, is one of exciting, uncomposed freshness.

Sacha Craddock is a writer and critic based in London and chair of New Contemporaries

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For more information about Jocelyn Clarke's work, contact Long & Ryle Gallery, London