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2003  Jocelyn Clarke: Jerwood Artists Platform
          text by Sacha Craddock  Read...
1994  EastInternational, Norwich Gallery, Norfolk Institute of Art and Design
          text by Rudi Fuchs ISBN 1 872482 13 9
1990  SommerAtelier, Deutsche Messe AG, Klinkhardt & Biermann
          text by David Galloway ISBN 3 7814 0293 2
          The Theory and Practice of the Small Painting, Anderson O'Day Gallery
          text by Tony Godfrey
1989  Whitechapel Open - East End Studios, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

Selected Press and Reviews

Wall Sreet International May 2015: Jocelyn Clarke. Small Moon   Read...
Rachel Campbell-Johnston The Times July 12 2003  Read...
Sarah Kent Time Out July 2003
Sacha Craddock The Times November 1994  Read...
The Hannover Journal February 1990

For more information about Jocelyn Clarke's work, contact Long & Ryle Gallery, London